Fiscal Law Resources

Fiscal law is of great interest to government lawyers who advise their clients on the use of appropriated and non-appropriated funds. A violation of the Antideficiency Act can have adverse consequences for the agency and for the individuals responsible for the violation.  The Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, commonly referred to as the Red Book, is a multi-volume treatise published by GAO concerning federal fiscal law.  The publication provides text discussion with reference to specific legal authorities to illustrate the principles discussed, their application, and exceptions. The legal authorities include GAO decisions and opinions, judicial decisions, statutory provisions, and other relevant sources.


Defense Procurement Links

Here are some basic links to defense procurement websites.


U.S. Code (LII Cornell Law School)
U.S. Code (GPO)
U.S. Code (House Law Revision Counsel)
THOMAS (Congressional)

Procurement Policy Documents

OMB Circulars
DoD 5000 Series
Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy

Defense Agency Contracting Sites

Defense Acquisition Portal
U.S. Army Contracting Agency
Air Force Acquisition
DoN Acquisition One Source
Missile Defense Agency

Procurement Regulations

Search the FAR and DFARS
Federal Procurement Regulations, * 48 CFR (2010)
Federal Procurement Regulations, * 48 CFR (2011)

Status of Open FAR Cases
Status of Open DFARS Cases
DFARS Cases Out for Public Comment

Protest Decisions

COFC decisions
GAO Protest decisions

Contract Disputes Act Decisions

COFC decisions
ASBCA decisions
CBCA decision

Government Contracting Websites

GW Law School Library Contracting Links